Welcome! We are Sofia and Sebastian the founders of BAZ.


BAZ was born in 2021, but it’s roots started in 2019, when we started to wonder why in the Middle East it was so hard to find quality jewelry at affordable prices.
After scouting the region to find out what style of jewelry was offered and at what prices we soon discovered that the style we were looking for couldn’t be found. We realized that today women and men want to focus more on their own style rather than the mass and thus came the first ideas for BAZ.
We decided to start designing their own pieces with inspirations from lost eras, emotions and connections to our planet with the focus that their pieces should and could be worn at any occasion making them timeless pieces of jewelry.
So the hunt began to find the right quality materials and the right manufacturing partners in Thailand and Indonesia where quality jewelry production is long standing tradition.
In 2021 BAZ Jewelry was born and we shared our passion with the world.


BAZ is a Dubai-based jewelry brand created by a Portuguese-Danish couple with a vision to bring quality, timeless, unique designs for every occasion at affordable prices.
We find out inspiration from our travels around the world, the connections we make with our planet and the history and stories that have come from lost eras to give each individual piece a uniques personality and story to the women and men wearing them.
Our designs are timeless and easy to match with whatever you’re wearing, wherever you’re going and with whatever you’re doing, they become apart of you.


We design and produce with our partners our own pieces giving us the possibility to do exactly what we want and dream of as a piece.

We use only the best 925 silver as our base metal to give our pieces a timeless touch with a coating of a protective layer.
Our yellow and rose gold pieces, are plated with a thick layer of 18k yellow or rose gold onto our 925 silver.

Our pieces are for you and for every occasion you have planned. We offer you quality unique designed timeless pieces at affordable prices.